Submit Application

Before submitting your application, please make sure it complies following basic rules:

  1. NO PIRACY. We refuse to endorse or host any kind of information related to priacy, as well as breaking DRM protected content and applications. For IPTV services only legal IPTV services are allowed.
  2. Be considerate to users' TV. It's not a cheap toy, so try your best not breaking it.
  3. If you are making a port to existing applications, please make sure that you are following original project's open source license.

To submit your application to this central repository, refer to following steps:

Fork This Repository

TODO: Submit without GitHub

Add Your Application

Create a file named your-package-name.yml in packages. Example:

# Display name of your application
title: Homebrew Channel
# Publicly accesible HTTP/HTTPS URL, or data uri to icon image.
# Publicly accessible manifest file of your application
# Category for your application
category: utility
# If this is an open source application, use main, otherwise non-free
pool: main
# Long description for your application, in Markdown format
description: |
  Description in markdown format, we suggest you to add some screenshots to help users understand
# Sponsor information, like .github/FUNDING.yml
  github: [ your-name ]

Submit a Pull Request

We'll be reviewing and testing your application, then merge it to our main branch. Then your application will be available to download by other users shortly.

Report an Inappropriate Application

If you find any application listed is not appropriate according to rule above, please submit an issue.

Self-Host a Repository

TODO: Make this repo configurable