Homebrew Channel Updater

Version 0.1.0

This application is a tool helpful in recovering broken or potentially-broken Homebrew Channel installations. It elevates its own root code execution service, and allows for Homebrew Channel update/reelevation.

This is necessary when updating webOS 22 TVs from Homebrew Channel versions older than 0.6.3 (due to a bug in self-update feature on these versions)

In most other situations - it is a potentially useful tool one could use to avoid having to go through the hassle of setting up and rooting their TV all over again.


  1. Install application via Homebrew Channel
  2. Launch application
  3. Wait for its service to get elevated - loading indicator at the bottom of the screen should disappear after a couple of seconds. Note that initial startup requires correctly set up rooted Homebrew Channel, ie. "Root status" needs to be "ok".
  4. Application is ready:
    • Press 1 to update Homebrew Channel to latest published release.
    • Press 2 to reelevate Homebrew Channel service (ie. when Homebrew Channel Settings "Root status" indicates "unelevated", even though your TV should be rooted)
    • Press 8 to launch emergency passwordless root telnet server on port 22.
    • Press 9 to launch /var/lib/webosbrew/startup.sh (startup hooks) - this is carried out automatically by Homebrew Channel on startup if its service is correctly elevated. (note: this may result in an error if your TV has already executed startup scripts)
  5. If any operation selected above succeeded, you should get a "Finished." message in log listing.

Last Updated: 2023/03/01 08:55:33 UTC