PicCap - Hyperion Sender App

Version 0.4.3

PicCap - Hyperion Sender App

The idea is to have an ambilight on our LG webOS TVs like it's known from Philipps TVs.
Ambilight preview


PicCap is an frontend app, which you can install on your TV, to make TV content capturing as easy as possible. It ships and controls the seperated hyperion-webos background native service, which uses capture interfaces on your TV based on reverse engineering, proccesses the output and sends as result a low quality image to a receiver like Hyperion's flatbuffer server.


hyperion.ng basicly is a server service, which transforms incomming image data to an LED output. - Also available in Homebrew Channel!


What do you need?

How to use

First start

Wait a few secounds to let the service elevate root permissions through Homebrew Channel-Service. Check status message in bottom right corner, to see when it's done.



We use different libraries to capture TVs content. These are used by hyperion-webos and described here.

Advanced settings

Some TV models are comptabile with a specific backend, but require a slightly different routine to work reliably. You can find an explaination for these so called quirks here.

DRM-protected content

On newer TVs there is no official way for capturing DRM-protected content like from Netflix or Amazon. This restriction doesn't take place for content comming from an HDMI input.
So currently as a workaround you can play your media using your PC, FireTV-Stick or Chromecast and still enjoy your LEDs.

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Last Updated: 2023/03/12 19:53:07 UTC