PicCap - Hyperion Sender App

Version 0.2.3

In early stage development

The main idea of this is, to have a simple frontend app with autostart feature from the underlaying hyperion-webos service. PicCap directly speaks to this service, so its reasonable for starting, stopping, displaying and changing settings of this service.



  1. Autostart
  2. Simple frontend

After first start

Wait a few secounds to let the service elevate root permissions through the Homebrew Channel-Service. After that a full reboot (no powercycle) of your TV might be neccessary. You can simply use the reboot button.

Known issues

Discord for questions and discuss https://discord.gg/9sqAgHVRhP

SIDENOTE: I'm not a real programmer and all this stuff is really new to me. The only reason this exists, is because I just wanted the capture for any cost. I'm really happy that there are more people like me, who are helping and contributing, to make this dream real! You can also feel free to create an issue or pull request if you can make things better.

Last Updated: 2022/01/21 23:20:42 UTC