LG Input Hook

Version 1.4.0

LG Input Hook

Allows for remapping remote buttons on LG WebOS TVs.

The homebrew channel with root access is required.

How to use

The app needs to be launched at least once for it to begin working. Afterwards it will persist even across reboots.

To remap a button, press Add keybind in the interface.

Set the ID to the ID of the button you want to remap

Next, choose what you want to do with this button. To disable the button, choose Disable. To make the button execute a command, choose Execute, and enter the command. To replace the button with another button, choose Replace, and fill in the ID of the button you want to replace it with.

When you are done, press Save changes. The changes should be automatically applied.

To find the ID of a button, view the log files in the interface, press a button, and see what pops up. You should see something like id => 1. The first number is the ID of the button.

The log files you should view, depend on your WebOS version and what remote you are using. Each log is described in the dropdown menu.

Alternatively, I have collected the button IDs for every button on this IR remote, which you can find listed here.


smx-smx - Created ezinject / hookfactory, which is used to inject the inputhook into the various processes.

Informatic - Created the original inputhook script.

Last Updated: 2023/03/12 23:11:40 UTC